What is the Social Election?

Our vision at The Social Election is to track and communicate how influential every candidate is on Social Media. Not in the history of UK elections has Social Media been used more to communicate policies, gauge support and enter into a nationwide conversation.

At The Social Election, we rank candidates and MPs according to their Klout score, a score that is calculated through collating their social media data; their likes, shares, followers and more. We then put them in a leaderboard with their fellow candidates and see who is the most influential on Social Media. Candidates can then improve their scores and move up through the leaderboard as it is released each week.

This is an excellent tool to track how reputations ebb and flow. The Social Election also look at the overall winners of the Social Election, to see who would win the General Election if based on Social Media statistics.

We also have a Social MPs leaderboard, which has been running for over a year and this tracks current MP’s influence and each MP can track how they have done in the past and how they are doing in the run up to the election.