We created TheSocialElection.com to help us all track who is winning the General Election when it comes to social media.

We use performance dashboard app Rise to keep track of scores over time and mashed in social media influence calculator Klout to give a score for every candidate with a Twitter account in this general election.

To generate the parties table we looked at each constituency and ranked the candidates according to their Klout score. The parties table is then the aggregate of the winning parties in each constituency.

Thanks to YourNextMP.com for the data on candidates.

It is managed and assembled by husband and wife team, Toby and Amber Beresford.

All data and tables may be used and linked to in your own blog articles and posts with a link to TheSocialElection.com. If you are publishing a table in full then please credit Rise.global and Klout as sources. Thanks!

If you’d like access to raw data for producing your own charts and tables then please contact us.